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Employment Opportunity

  • Title: Service Technician III
  • Employer: Superior Propane
  • Display Date: 2019-06-13
  • Location: Whitby, ON
  • Salary: Not available
  • Preferred application method: temps plein



Reporting directly to the Market Manager, the Service Technician III is responsible for installing and servicing complex residential and commercial propane and natural gas related equipment up to and greater than 400,000 BTUs. The Service Technician III will also be accountable for upholding the highest standards for safety in the service and handling of propane and for conducting regular vehicle inspections and maintenance. The Service Technician will also collaborate with a Service Coordinator on a regular and consistent basis for scheduling information and to provide feedback on issues encountered and obtain instructions in relation to day to day activities. The Service Technician may be called upon to provide direct daily supervision to a Service Technician I (apprentice) until achievement of certified Superior Propane Service Technician status.


1) Customer Service

2) Functional Expertise

3) Initiative

4) Accountability

5) Teamwork


1. Apply advanced technical knowledge in the installation and service of complex residential and commercial propane and natural gas related equipment. This will include, but is not limited to repairs, dispenser inspections and re-qualifying cylinders, the installation and service of propane tanks and propane and natural gas appliances. Provision of preventative maintenance solutions and scheduled maintenance for residential and commercial applications and customers.
2. Safe operation of the crane truck and other service vehicles required to perform tank installations, relocations and pickups.
3. Maintain, request and stock service truck with inventory. Ensure all necessary parts, materials and supplies, and equipment is available to perform daily work orders and meet customer requests.
4. Collect customer signature/stamps and payments for deposit if necessary utilizing OBTC technology.
5. Apply lock out procedures in unsafe customer installations.
6. Conduct and maintain the highest standard of safety in all activities and operations ensuring compliance with the regulatory bodies and relevant regulations. This includes conducting and, if applicable documenting, pre and post vehicle inspections, site inspections and visual tank inspections.
7. Collaborate with the Service Coordinator frequently for routing and scheduling information. Notify the Service Coordinator of any service, customer, routing, scheduling or safety issues immediately to obtain their guidance and instruction on how to resolve the issue or situation.
8. Collaborate with the Market Manager or Field Operations Manager and inform them of any successes, issues or challenges encountered. Obtain their approval for overtime and submit hours worked on a timely basis bi-weekly.
9. Provide exceptional customer service by promoting the company and its products and services positively and maintaining good customer relations.
10. Seek, identify and capitalize on sales opportunities by providing product information, brochures with basic price and a contact number.
11. Provide training and direction to Service Technician I (apprentice), as needed.


-Provincial certificates and record of training are required (see section below).
-A minimum of five (5) years’ experience.
-HVAC certification and qualifications are preferred.
-Advanced technical knowledge of propane appliances, equipment and plant operations.
-Possess WHMIS and TDG training and certification.
-PGAC 100-4 Cylinder Requalification.
-Excellent knowledge of B149 code.
-Valid driver’s license with three (3) years’ experience and clean drivers abstract.
-WHMIS and TDG training and certification.
-PGAC 100-4 Cylinder Requalification.
-Physically fit and able to lift heavy objects on a regular basis.
-Good customer service skills.
-Good communications skills.
-Knowledge and ability to use computers, specifically the on board truck computers.
-Fluency in French/English, both written and verbal, is an asset.

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Expiration Date: 2019-06-26